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2017 Nautical Almanac [Paperback] UK Hydrographic and US Naval Observatory

2017 Nautical Almanac [Paperback] UK Hydrographic and US Naval Observatory

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Newly published 2017 Nautical Almanac [Paperback] by UK Hydrographic and US Naval Observatory.

U.S. Naval Observatory and Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac Office collaborate to compute, from fundamental astronomical reference data, the position, brightness, and other observable characteristics of celestial bodies, as well as the circumstances of astronomical phenomena. This information is of critical importance to navigation, military operations planning, scientific research, surveying and everyday activities. The products they produce - publications, software, algorithms, and expertise - are used by the U.S. and British Navy and the other armed services, civilian government agencies, the scientific research community, and the public. Their products are regarded as benchmark standards throughout the world. For over 150 years the United States Nautical Almanac Office has published The Nautical Almanac, first as part of the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac, and then on its own, to provide the US Navy with a convenient form of the astronomical data used for celestial navigation. This book is still the standard resource for marine celestial navigation for the U.S. Navy. The book is produced in collaboration with Her Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office, part of the U.K. Hydrographic Office. That Office maintains the copyright on the material it produces.

The Nautical Almanac contains the following data tabulated at hourly intervals to a precision of 0.1 arcminute: the Greenwich hour angle and declination of the Sun, Moon, and navigational planets; the Greenwich hour angle of Aries; positions of the navigational stars; rise and set times of the Sun and Moon for a range of latitudes; and other data. Each edition also contains a sight reduction table; sight reduction formulas; and various correction tables for sight reduction. There is a useful concise sight reduction form at the back of the book. The Nautical Almanac is available several months in advance of its edition date.

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